Tuesday, June 30, 2009

First Artwork of Little Honey

Little Honey's first artwork was completed with the assistant of the maid, at her second class of the Learning Garden's Parent-Toddler program.
I were unable to accompany Little Honey because I need to work on that day :(

Click here to recall her first day at the Learning Garden.

Monday, June 29, 2009

My lovely bag is here!! (25-6-2009)

Yeah.............finally my Coach bag is here!!

My hubby bought the bag for me as present for .............

... Valentine's day + my birthday + our wedding anniversary + Christmas.
All in one.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Half Day Trip to Pulau Aman @ 21-06-2009

A half day trip to Pulau Aman for seafood lunch gathering.

Took this boat to Pulau Aman at Jetty Batu Musang, which is near Batu Kawan Stadium.
It takes 10 minutes for the ride.

There is about 300 villagers living at Pulau Aman.

Pulau Aman is a "Kampung Nelayan", which fishing is the main sorce of income for most of the villagers.

Most of the visitors will buy seafood and bring to the only restaurant at Pulau Aman for their lunch. Of course we bought too :)

The restaurant was fully occupied by the visitors. These happen for most of the weekend and public holidays.

Little Honey was yawning while waiting for the foods.

These are the crabs that we bought for the lunch.........

..................and mantis prawn too.
RM1.50 / mantis prawn, really cheap!!

After cooked.

"Mee udang", the famous dish here, delicious!!

Fried rice with prawn, good!

"Mee goreng" with prawn, yummy!

On the way went home. They looks sad.......

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Came back 10 years already!!

Suddenly I miss Melbourne very much!!

I stayed and studied in Melbourne for 4 years. During that period, I wasn't like the life in Melbourne very much because it was full of stress, loneliness and unexpected.

But, of course, I had a wonderful memories too. I still remember clearly the life in my undergraduate study. It was hard but an unforgettable memory and experience for me forever.

I wish I am still young, still studying, still in school life........

Sometimes I just can't believe that I already left Melbourne for 10years.
The life in Melbourne seems like happen not long time ago.

Melbourne, I miss you!! I want to go Melbourne!!

Any sponser?? --^^--

Monday, June 22, 2009

Pan Mee (板面)

Went to breakfast at "Hou Mei Yuen" last saturday. It is located at the ground floor of flat Taman Bukit Jambul.

It is well-known with its handmade "PanMee", which is the major dish of this restaurant.

Other than this, you can find "Chu Cheong Fan", various types of "Bao", Curry Puff and some Dimsim here.

Choose you order, Thin or Flat Pan Mee, cook in Dry or Soup.

The "Dry Thin Pan Mee", come with Fish Ball Soup.

We order extra Fish Ball Soup in large size, it is very fresh and delicious.

Friday, June 19, 2009

We are famous!!!


最近的我很没有"事业心", 完全不想做工, 上班时间都在做部落客.

我知道这样很不对, 我是有拿薪水的咧!

而且, 我要做Shopping Queen是要$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$的咧!!
我还想要四处飞, 到世界各地看看, 也是要$$$$$$$$.

很想飞出去. 但是, 我只是一只没有翅膀的蝴蝶.......

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Half Day Trip to Kuala Kurau - 14 June 2009

We went to Kuala Kurau in Perak, to attend relative's wedding dinner, with the family of my hubby's sister. Kuala Kurau is "kampung" of my mother-in-law.
It is about one hour drive from Penang.

See the beautiful scenery of the village.

Can't believe that my lousy camera can catch such a beautiful scenery.

There is a long wooden bridge that link every house together. You can walk from one house to another by this bridge in front of the houses.

The bridge is aging, feel very insecure when walk on the bridge. But the villagers already used to walk on it, they can even run on the bridge.

Almost every house here got their own boat. For years ago, the boat is the only transportation for the villagers. Now there is a road built so that the usage of boat is reducing.

Drying of small prawn.

Shell of cockle.

Most of the houses got a toilet outside the house, on the bridge that link all houses together. The toilet is super smelly!! Wanna see inside?

It is just a hole inside the toilet, all the "things" will out from the hole into the river.
Yiakkkkkkkkkk, do you dare to swim in the river??

This is the famous food in Kuala Kurau, called "si-a-ci" in Hokkien,
it is fried prawn mixed with vege.
(Weird I introduce foods after the toilet picture!!)

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