Thursday, June 11, 2009

Playback - Trip to Kota Kinabalu 26 - 29 January 2009

We went for 4 days 3 nights Kota Kinabalu Trip during Chinese New Year 2009.

Little Honey and me got many "First Time" during this K.K. trip. Wanna to know what are they, keep on reading .............

It is first flight for Little Honey.

Inside the Flight.

Little Honey was sitting inside the plane :) She looked worry?!

Yeah, reached at Kota Kinabalu, look at the beautiful beach, it is beside the hotel we stayed.

We stayed in the Shangri La's Tajung Aru Resort & Spa.
We can't manage to get nice photos due to skill problem and lousy camera.
So, click here for more nicer pictures for this resort.

Outside the Museum.

It is prohibited to take picture inside the Museum, so we just took it outside.

Went to see the city view of Kota Kinabalu.

Had a breakfast in the Hotel.

On the boat, went to the small island nearby the Hotel by boat.
Naughty Little Honey was wearing my sunglasses.
This is first boat ride for Little Honey :)

ok, give back mummy the sunglasses.

Little Honey, don't scare, mummy is with you. This is the first time Little Honey went to beach.

See, she still scare after I tried many times to put her into the water.

Ok, ok......Little Honey, maybe it is better for you to go playing sand......

She was very enjoying.......

Wah, Little Honey got a friend :) let's see my "First Time"

Yeah, it is the first time I have a room service dinner :)

Fried rice with chicken wing and fish & chips

Very tasty, very happy.

My hubby was enjoyed too.

After dinner, I enjoyed my first hotel body massage, very cheap, RM90/hour
The massage girl is very skillful and make me very relaxing during the massage.

Now let's see some pictures took during the trip.

Walking along the beach with Little Honey.

Little Honey was playing the traditional drum ??!!

Woo, the drum is bigger than Little Honey.

Feeding the fishes.

Went to Mount Kinabalu.

Group members for this K.K. trip
My best friend + hubby, her parents, her cousins, hubby + me + Little Honey

My best friend.

My family.

It was a wonderful + enjoyable + relaxing trip.
I miss Kota Kinabalu very much, especially the massage girl!!

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