Wednesday, May 27, 2009

First Shopping Trip to Bangkok-16/05/2009 (Day 4)

Day of return :(

We didn't have much times to shopping on the last day.

Our flight was 1.55pm. We have to check in at the airport at 11.30am and it is always traffic jam in Bangkok. So, we departed to airport at 10.30am, although the airport is not too far.

After check in, we had our lunch at Burger King - Pork Burger :)

There are still many places I don' t have time to visit, Siam Paragon, Siam Discovery, Central World and Chatuchak Weekend markets.

I will be back, Bangkok!

Bon Voyage.

This is not the end of my Bangkok Trip's story.......

See what were we doing on the flight :)

Cam whoring.....

Was wearing my new shoe.

Why we were wearing the mask?

It was because we heard news that there were two cases of AH1N1 in Malaysia. So, for safety purpose we were wearing the mask all the way from Bangkok to Penang.

Reached Penang International Airport, still wearing the mask :)

Yeah, my Little Honey was welcome me at the airport.

Kissed my Little Honey, mummy miss you so much. (Why my Little Honey looked a little overwhelming when I kissed her? Can't recognise me after 3days??)

p/s: Stay tune for my next post. I will show you my "result" of the shopping.

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