Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hong Kong Trip @ Third Day ~ 17/10/2009

Today is shopping day.

To be full of energy to do our shopping, we must have a good breakfast :P


See where we have our breakfast.

Famous Dim-Sum Restaurant - Tim Ho Wan Dim Sum Expert
Located at G/F, Phase 2, Tsui Yuen Mansion, 2-20 Kwong Wa Street, Mongkok.
Open daily 10am ~ 11pm
How to get there? Exit A2 of Yao Ma tei MRT Station, it's directly opposite Paradise Parade

There are many good reviews advertised in magazines and newspapers. The boss pasted the reviews in front of its' restaurant.

The restaurant is small. Many peoples were queuing, we got number 33 :(

While waiting, we read the menu......

........and took the order first.

Finally, after one hour waiting, we were inside the restaurant.

I look sad (coz waiting too long) :D

Lor Mai Kai

Cheong Fan with Frawn

I like this the most - their special Char Siu Bao

Har Kao

Siu Mai

This is my favourite too - Ham Sui Kok

Total HKD126 for the breakfast.

We were too greedy. We ordered two bowl of Har Kao + two bowl of Siu Mai. Finally we can't finish and have to take away for our lunch :P


After breakfast, headed to our first shopping destination.

Departed from You MA Tei......

Arrived at Lai Chi Kok......

Here it is.....Cheung Sha Wan Plaza.

I got to know this place from the fashion magazine, that it is a famous fashion wholesales plaza.

Unfortunately, it is out of our expectation. There are not too many shops inside (as our expectation, there are hundreds shops, but I think there are less than one hundred) and most of the shops sell expensive + old style fashion.

Thus, we spent less than one hour here and went to our second destination........

Sham Shui Po

There is a Cheung Sha Wan Fashion Street in Sham Shui Po. It is a great place to pick up the latest fashions at wholesale prices. Most of the shops can be found between Yen Chow Street and Wong Chuk Street.

My sister and I bought many cheap + nice Jeans here. Click here to see.
I also bought some Jeans and clothes for Little Honey.

Very crowded at this area.

Apliu Street is nearby too. But we did not spend too much time here coz it is not our target :D
Its' flea market is well known for selling bargain (brand new and second-hand) electrical devices and electronic products, A/V equipment and telecommunications products and also antique watches, old coins, and other relics.

We went back hotel to have a short rest then we walked along the Mong Kok Road.

Shopped at Argyle Centre (旺角中心).

Sino Centre 信和中心

Both Argyle Centre and Sino Centre is ideal place for shopping for fashion clothes and goods favoured by youth.

Langham Place
We spent less than one hour here. It sell mostly on branded clothes, like I.T., H&M etc.

Yeah, my first visit to H & M, but did not get anything from here :(


We had light dinner at McDonalds. I was too tired and did not take any photos.

But I did take the photo for our dessert we ate at Hui Lau Shan (许留山), a famous dessert shop in Hong Kong.

芒之戀 (Mango) HKD30.00


Lastly, see my result of the day again :)

Can you see how many things I have bought? I shopped till broke and guess what? I went to the Hotel Reception Counter to ask for cash of HKD1000.00

Why I can do this?

haha... it is because I fully paid the room charge in cash on the first day. So I told the reception staff that I was out of cash and requested for refund of HKD1000.00........

and of course I swapped my credit card in exchange.

p/s: My sis just remind me that this is my second visit to H & M, my first visit to H & M is on the first day that we went to Harbour City (15/11/2009) :)


szesze83 said...

wei... the mcd is supper la.... after eat the mango desserts.... and i din makan la.. only u makan nia...
summore hor, its ur second visit to H&M la... not 1st one.......

Butterfly said...

ya meh...hihi...nvm lar.....I old liao ma, cannot remember :D

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